Sunday, October 19, 2014

Max Ruperti

Dear Via Verde Residents,

I left my employment with Phipps Houses and with sadness will no longer manage the Via Verde as it's Property Manager.

The Via Verde is a special place and unique in its standards by providing market services to affordable housing in the South Bronx.  The intent for these services was to provide a standard that residents of any income should expect.  By doing so, the expectation was to reduce the customary resentment  in low income affordable housing which contributes to crime, damages, arrears and vacancies and build a community with  a secured park like environment living in quiet enjoyment.

I believe, eventhough there were bumps in the road, the Via Verde managed, since it's opening in May 2012, to successfully enhance people's lives.  I was approached the other day by a woman seeking an application who expressed from discussions with our residents that she new from her church congregation how our management cared for its residents and that the Via Verde was special.  She felt that her current landlord did not provide the same level of care and service.   Listening to her comments filled my heart.  I hope that more landlords will adopt the same ideals that Phipps and Jonathan Rose Companies have demonstrated on this property so more people can experience the Via Verde way of life.

The Va Verde spark  will stay bright well beyond my departure which will be a testament to me and my team's success.

Thank you!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Towing from Street

Dear Residents,

Since the road has been repaved and marked from DOT, it seems that because the new markings do not correctly coincide with the parking sign that consequently any car that parks there has been subject to towing.  Even-though, those who have been towed managed to resolve this matter in court, it is a huge inconvenience.  I confronted the person while towing, and as he refused to acknowledge my presence and because of my persistence, he finally  acknowledged that because the markings and the sign are not correctly placed is the reason for the towing.  Regardless that this is victimizing people, they are continuing the tow.  As a result, I am going to argue this with the DOT to resolve but I want to  make sure to all to be careful not to park there.  Edgardo, our super, has placed cones on the space.  The parking spot is the first one north of our driveway entrance.    Please be careful and let your guests know.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Zumba Instructions with Nneka at Via Verde

Dear Residents,

We are restarting Zumba classes commencing July 5th.  The classes will be every Satuday morning at 8am with each session at a discounted $5.00/ resident.  You will meet at the Community Room located at 706 on the 20th floor.   Sign up and payment will be done with Nneka prior to the start of class.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Via Verde Pest Disposal Post

Dear Residents,

The Via Verde is a pet friendly building and it is important that you maintain the property and its surroundings clear of pet waste that affects the environment that you live in as a community.  When walking your pet please use the provided pet waste bag located by the tree across from the main entrance sidewalk and throw it in the "Pet Waste" receptacle on the post below the sign.  Please do not throwout anymore of the pet waste bags into our outdoor receptacles which causes undesirable odors and attracts pests.  Thank you for your cooperation in making the Via Verde a special community that it is.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Organic Insect Control Program at Via Verde

Dear Residents,

The Via Verde,  a LEED Gold Community, with gardens and greenery abound comes with benefits and along with them are the pests (gnats, flies etc....) that nest onto our bushes, plants and trees.  Normally, any property would just use regular pesticide to remedy the pest problems but we cannot do so only by organic means.  Recently, Cornell University scientists produced an effective homegrown organic method that we will start applying onto all of our trees, bushes and plants commencing tomorrow and will be a continued seasonal yearly program from the early spring to the fall.  You will see our super, gardener, and/or handyman spraying around the common areas.  So you are aware of what the concoction is made of, it is simply a combined mixture of canola oil, baking soda and water.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Via Verde Resident Store

Dear Via Verde Residents:

In order to best serve you with hard-to-find green cleaning products and other supplies for your apartment, we are now providing these items with the pass along cost and savings given to Phipps Houses, your managing agent, by its vendors.  Please provide an email or this form at the Via Verde Concierge desk with a check or money order for the total amount of the quantity of the selected items on your request (there will be no additional surcharges other than the list price of the items listed).  
Please click the link on to the right column tab,  "Via Verde Resident Store". 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Storm Warning


To:        All Via Verde Residents

From:   Via Verde Management

Date:    2/4/2014

Re:       Winter Storm Warning

Please be advised a Winter Storm Warning will be in effect from Midnight tonight until 6 pm Wednesday.

The storm will commence with snow, sleet and then freezing rain to follow which will become very hazardous to travel in the morning with an accumulation of 3 to 5 inches of mixed snow and ice.

We would like to advise everyone to be very careful in your travels tomorrow, anticipate leaving earlier than usual for potential traffic or chaos.

Our staff will be working with the snow removal which will require rescheduling for any general work ticket repairs except for emergencies ( heat, plumbing leaks, drain backups or electrical outage) will be handled immediately by contacting the Concierge Desk at 917-243-7110/7111.


Thank you in advance for your patience and your cooperation in this matter.